Monday, 4 January 2010

CERN (ii)

Aerials point towards them

a summoning arm under clouds

(With peacock colours

the image centres and folds

The voice speaks

sensitive to the pressure

a barometer[1]

of the archaeologist

(the butcher

with fleshed bones

and creased apron

washes his boots

in the overflow

a bitten nail (in that cause and solution)

a poultice and reminder

a terrible pendant

of the feather strewn

box, of the pecked neck

and the paper shell

(Flowers bought by the girl given to the man she motions

never to sing to growl

- coming into a sea-town

empty handed

expressing elegence (in flight) a stone

into water


a spla(((sh)))[2]

(a quiet arrogance, a wingtip, a claw[3]

a fishing bird




eyes open

for the second after impact


[1] a symbol of mounting underwhelming disappointment.

[2] representations of real events.

[3] following the line of the forearm into the animal.

[4] aggressively.

[5] the eyes covered by a thin film.

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