Tuesday, 5 January 2010


all under the contras (coca-cola skies broken by beating wings

they said “be fragile answer none.”

we said nothing

a poltergeist[1] for supper

eating an angry ghost - speculation. This specter[2] stands on a leg of fire.

over the jungles casings

into the churches

over the sea open doors lay eggs (black dots falling to the breakers

to the fishes my brother

always a bigger fish

than before (the Indians laugh

the priest’s[3] last hand

two fingered on a flat forehead watch the hammers (and pipe)

confess breakfast (more

speak into a fist

and disappear

[1] General Leopoldo Galtieri

[2] Hollow, winged dart.

[3] Father Christian Federico von Wernich.

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