Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fragments, scraps and off cuts of Scavengers

Plate VII. Male & female
cockroaches with egg-sac,
spiders’ webs, a cedar in
Highgate cemetery.


blue tit at coconut
unusual site of blackbird’s nest
this rookery too was deserted

Plate IV


large horizontal branches
of the trees . ecclesiastical of birds
the jackdaw must rank

Plate V


in the grounds
of the Zoo
- her normal clutch

Plate XI


most ancient rookery sites
three cartloads of sticks
- hung on longer

Plate XII


nothing zipped pass
the decaying notes of the moon
& its metres-wide

of atoms.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Scavengers of London eBook on The Red Ceilings Press

Read my new poetry ebook, The Scavengers Of London, for free, on the excellent The Red Ceilings Press.

Link straight to it here.


flood of buildings. London’s
many little streams & flatlands
after the conquest of Waterloo

the metropolis sacrificed
engulfed by fruit & vegetables
the marshiness of much

woodcock & snipe
five fields till the middle
decaying stalks of the flowering rush

by the osier pond. A common
bird along a small hillock
instead of through a sewer