Wednesday, 20 January 2010


conquering the gates was a bustop.
crinkling the bridge of his Germany
a country regenerating off a small downy feather.
Joseph could not be expected to the gulp
attempts to scale it that remember everything.
French windows and into the glare
died Fine Art in Berlin.

Joseph had a flowerbed on a windowsill
head of an elegant carnation, Joseph,
atom; the stamen, circled with bees
here in this garden looking deep into the
the old physicist, sees the flower as an
unlike the autumns from Joseph's
piles of rotting leaves. Now, though,
breeze. the garden was so alive, so
childhood where summer lay dying in

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


all under the contras (coca-cola skies broken by beating wings

they said “be fragile answer none.”

we said nothing

a poltergeist[1] for supper

eating an angry ghost - speculation. This specter[2] stands on a leg of fire.

over the jungles casings

into the churches

over the sea open doors lay eggs (black dots falling to the breakers

to the fishes my brother

always a bigger fish

than before (the Indians laugh

the priest’s[3] last hand

two fingered on a flat forehead watch the hammers (and pipe)

confess breakfast (more

speak into a fist

and disappear

[1] General Leopoldo Galtieri

[2] Hollow, winged dart.

[3] Father Christian Federico von Wernich.

Monday, 4 January 2010




hitting thud

cheering up larkin

series one

Every time the line hits water

nothing happens –

only expectation of guts, gills…

Under curved boat,

wooden edged,

fine silt buries bones.


fossils of friends –

a lake of everything cold.


The ubiquity of grass –

the long October

of the planets.

there is noise,

familiar, received

- it is Russian and plural.

Semi frozen,

of winter,

bordered by greasy forests:

this colossal land –

never Russia

always home.


Peel of bells

and autumns

scaffolds raised

against the banks,

An accumulation of rusting

and of time, aprox.

There is only

the hearts and eyes

left in animals


The closing cut

in the sky

shows a metal-bodied

plane, briefly –

seconds only, almost transparent, but

real, touchable

and gone.

The building

offers nothing:

fire escape




In elements

there is continuity.

a flooding?

a switch.


– off



Further green

growing mass

of Leipzig

and Eindhoven.


hefting axes

smashing chairs


eating time.

After this

the summer


I am proud

of snow.

CERN (i)

Cyclical, underground and breaking -

one hundred before the atom.

elegant – only in its form (the skin is pretty

always covering

endless muscle

and potential.[i]

underneath a pinhead, billions[ii] - an atom

in two hands

the shovel/the pen.

one breaks, three breaks a bridge across a wing.

Unpinnable, one sits amongst the chair (the second begins

immediately after

the previous,

the boundaries smudge.[iii]

Working on stasis

on wooden benches

where elements sleep

unable to silhouette for movement.)

The constant buzzing of objects and animals

solid and gone

everywhere at once

eat the tomatoes in the greenhouse and the carbon in stars.

[i] Circulating with good lifetimes. Splashes of particles, periods of quiet beam.

[ii] Thanks for following, systems commissioning begins; the clockwise beam.

[iii]Energy in tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny particles; 450Gev of energy crushing a nut.

CERN (ii)

Aerials point towards them

a summoning arm under clouds

(With peacock colours

the image centres and folds

The voice speaks

sensitive to the pressure

a barometer[1]

of the archaeologist

(the butcher

with fleshed bones

and creased apron

washes his boots

in the overflow

a bitten nail (in that cause and solution)

a poultice and reminder

a terrible pendant

of the feather strewn

box, of the pecked neck

and the paper shell

(Flowers bought by the girl given to the man she motions

never to sing to growl

- coming into a sea-town

empty handed

expressing elegence (in flight) a stone

into water


a spla(((sh)))[2]

(a quiet arrogance, a wingtip, a claw[3]

a fishing bird




eyes open

for the second after impact


[1] a symbol of mounting underwhelming disappointment.

[2] representations of real events.

[3] following the line of the forearm into the animal.

[4] aggressively.

[5] the eyes covered by a thin film.

CERN (iii)

The stars centre (a miniature galaxy -

(((((((((((((((((((((o)))))))))))))))))))))))): time

((((((((((((((((((((((o))))))))))))))))))))))): position

(((((((((((((((((((((((o)))))))))))))))))))))): money/heart

5 y x7


(smudging around the nucleus – the dot of universe

returning to Hellas on

hands of gold and clay feet /////////////////////::::::::::::::::::::::(o)

Across the sea the elements

twitch into the s((((o)))n

on beams, on st((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((rs, on songs:



m S