Monday, 4 January 2010

CERN (i)

Cyclical, underground and breaking -

one hundred before the atom.

elegant – only in its form (the skin is pretty

always covering

endless muscle

and potential.[i]

underneath a pinhead, billions[ii] - an atom

in two hands

the shovel/the pen.

one breaks, three breaks a bridge across a wing.

Unpinnable, one sits amongst the chair (the second begins

immediately after

the previous,

the boundaries smudge.[iii]

Working on stasis

on wooden benches

where elements sleep

unable to silhouette for movement.)

The constant buzzing of objects and animals

solid and gone

everywhere at once

eat the tomatoes in the greenhouse and the carbon in stars.

[i] Circulating with good lifetimes. Splashes of particles, periods of quiet beam.

[ii] Thanks for following, systems commissioning begins; the clockwise beam.

[iii]Energy in tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny particles; 450Gev of energy crushing a nut.

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