Thursday, 27 June 2013

A to Z of Archaeology

A is for Archaeology
Anubis the god of Copper Necropolis,
a woodland culture (better known by its ancient name AKEATHON), fossilised in pine resin (1459 BC), reached its peak in development, C1986-1458 BC. There then followed a brisk trundle between catastrophe and blunder that, some say, caused Atticus the Elder’s heart palpitations and eczema.
B is for Bes
Ugly demi-dwarf god of the Phoenicians, trampling Christ under his irregular baulk. Upon the bird, boat and sun disc floating across the death-field, Bes drinks; no one slips a him a Mickey Finn: he’s always slumbered at the helm, braced against the Bølling Oscillation. The elegant eustasy of his thoughts unaltered by ice-age or ecstasy.
C is for Cuneiform
Calendar Round > C A L E N D E R
(See below)
a) a cAvEMaN seeks.
b) cannibalism.
d) in Carthage.
The dread galleons of wretchedness promised by the Mayans never arrived. There were no modern equivalents of the fall of Ninevah, no trampling cities into dust; all the banks, monetary mirages, dissolved into thoughts. 
Cats > S A C R E D  A N I M A L S
D is for Domestication
Chihuahuas, the most useless of all canine breeds, were once holy animals, settled in the temples of mexico, turned into water bottles post-mortem. Now, heads peeping out of Californian handbags, their indignity is complete.

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