Monday, 13 September 2010

Fragment of a scientific journal

] ...there in 1967 a professor of economics unintentionally caused his body to spin at over one hundred miles an hour by lifting his feet off the floor as he used his mechanical pencil sharpener. It was with that simple suspension of the laws of physics that the Yale Uncertainty pocket was discovered. Then nothing happened. Then something happened. The Yale Uncertainty Pocket 'disappeared for two months reappearing in the kitchen of a bungalow in Rotherhithe.' (Keane, 1968, pg.1455) The hunt was on to 'find the final resting place of the YUP.' (Brogan, 1969, pg.67) All of Yale's resources were directed into the research. Over 3,000,000 pencils were 'sharpened to studs' in over 2,500,000 locations around the university grounds. (Paul, Greene and Spent, 1971, pg.678) It was chaos... [

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