Wednesday, 14 April 2010

found poem #2: Spam

To go in over a broad area and keep on going
night and day, with all the factors which send
a thousand or fifteen hundred or two / Always
the offensive! Germany would keep on striking
as long as she could / An instinct with the continental
peoples through the necessity of their Africa /
battles severe enough to have decided famous
campaigns / The same kind of walls at every turn;
the same kind of dim figures, and in its place, on
the right hand of the Kaiser in the Sieges of Allee
across to Africa / There he fell foul of Bluff Number
Two: why von Tirpitz keeps his Dreadnoughts at home /
Another one hundred and fifty yards away and fire a rifle
occasionally and without the possibility of release?"
She paused, laying her hand and started down the slope
of the hill in front / Now they could take it out

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